• Our mission is to keep youth bowling prospering by getting the youth bowlers involved in different activities and tournaments.

  • We always have fundraisers planned. This helps us give back to the community and keep the us up and running.

  • We are devoted to getting our youths into higher education by offering scholarships to tournament winners and runner ups through the smart program.

  • The youth bowlers are very talented and have multiple accomplishments to show off. Check out who has shot an honor score recently.

Welcome To The Rochester USBC Youth Association

The Rochester USBC Youth Association serves bowling centers and its youth bowlers in the Greater Rochester Area. For a list of all centers included in our association, please check out the Bowling Centers Page. The Association offers numerous opportunities for youth bowlers to learn, grow, and earn scholarships!




Links for Travel Standings:

Mini Mixed                     Handicap West  

Handicap East             Scratch

Rochester USBC Youth Association Gallery

Section V High School

Section V High School matches are held during the winter session of sports at Clover Lanes in Rochester. Links to standings, match schedules and lane assignments can be found under the High School Page.

Youth Leaders

The Youth Leaders are comprised of youth bowlers in our association who raise money to help pay for scholarships through the Junior Bowlers Tour and several other events! For more information check out the Youth Leaders page.